'Discover... Creativity, Curiosity and Confidence'

Truth, Honour, Integrity

Laura Gillespie

Director and Founder


Ten years ago I began thinking about this project, Blue Heron School of Discovery. And for all those years I have thought about this project every single day.

I taught in the school system for twenty eight years and I loved what I did, teaching and coaching children.

In this fast paced environment I held many leadership positions both locally and provincially. I came to realize that I needed to find ways to slow down and find calm within myself and balance in my outer environment.

This led me to begin practicing mindfulness, yoga and meditation. This helped me to become ‘still’ and listen to my inner voice and body wisdom. Nature has always been a very special place for me. It calms my body and mind and brings joy to my heart.

Children today are more stressed than ever before and feel tremendous pressures. Like many adults, they are constantly on the go.

Given the positive effects of all these practices and my love for children, I knew I wanted to share this with them.

Blue Heron School of Discovery creates this safe place for students to tap in and listen to their inner voice and body wisdom. To be ‘still’ and rediscover curiosity and creativity. To be comfortable in their own body and with who they are. To speak their truth, find their passion and discover their own uniqueness in this world !

Kristine Karpinski (Kris)

Kris has an extremely curious spirit and a passion for somatic, holistic and expressive art practices.  She is a registered massage therapist, yoga teacher & therapist, somatic movement educator and natural health practitioner.  She has trained in, practiced and taught various healing modalities, body-centred therapies and movement methods for over 30 years. She’s been in full-time private practice for just as long, and has taught programs in numerous places, including the Ottawa Theatre School, Kripalu Yoga Centre, The Leven Institute and the International Academy of Natural Health Sciences.  She lives to learn, and loves to inspire others to do the same!

Tricya Morrice

Tricya Morrice is a passionate yoga teacher who is certified in many types of yoga including (but not limited to) Akhanda , Yin, Kids & Teen, Trauma Sensitive, and the practice of Thai massage.

Through her many studies, including the schooling of clinical psychologist Bo Forbes of Integrative Yoga Therapeutics (which marries yoga and psychology), Tricya adapts and personalizes her teachings to each individual student.

She specializes in yoga for stress, healing and trauma management as well as supporting teens through the transitions they face as they head into adulthood.

She is passionate about helping her students find the tools within themselves to handle difficult situations and promote emotional stability. Her warm, open and accessible way of teaching allows her students to embrace the physical and emotional benefits of yoga and take it with them into their everyday lives.

Lorena Norwood

Lorena believes in the wisdom of lived experiences and is passionate about working with teens. She brings empathy and compassion to all those she works with, allowing her to gain the trust of her students to help them see the best in themselves.

She holds a B.A. in Clinical Psychology, and has worked in the human service field since 1994 working with elders, adolescents and families.  She has developed, coordinated and directed many different programs over the last 25 years, including the Western Mass Training Consortium, the Greenfield Women’s Resource Center and The Family United Network Center.  She is a trainer on trauma-informed practice, strength-based family support, Circle Work and is also a Certified JourneyDance™ Facilitator.